About Us


I’m Jamie Makin and, with my husband Jeff Makin, we built Makin It Social (hehehehe get it?!). 

He’s put up with my corny jokes (see exhibit A above) and I’ve put up with his complete lack of memory about how funny I am. :) We started dating when I was just 18, bought a house when I turned 21 and married when I was 23. But, honestly, if he asked me to marry him on our second date, I would have run away to Vegas with him. Seriously. We get along great! In fact, we remodel houses and RVs together-- without spilling blood! When we have some downtime (what’s that, right?), we like driving around on backroads trying to get lost, binging Netflix on the our movie screen, riding ATVS and messing with our Poodle, Louie. 

While my experience with the direct sales industry is more extensive than The Husband’s, he’s not unfamiliar with the inner workings. You see, I’ve been a Pampered Chef Consultant since 2013 and he’s been there watching, listening & carrying heavy bags to the car for me. He’s watched me clutter the house with a dozen or more binders, notepads and planners. I’m a bit of an organization geek and I could never find the perfect planner or paper system for all my notes on trainings, team members & to do lists....so I tried all the systems. And was still dissatisfied.

I’ve always said I wanted to make my own planner. I always made my own tracking sheets for other things, like shows, sales, team member trainings, etc. So why not a planner? I tried the bullet journal thing, but, while fun and a bit therapeutic, it requires a lot of work to set up each week! When you’re trying to build an empire, who has time for that? I tried other “direct sales planners”. They were way too generic so they didn’t offer enough room to track the things I needed. I tried a teacher planner- I thought using the subjects would offer me some sort of way to organize the information I wanted. That almost worked. But the downfall of a bound planner was when I needed to enter information on a vendor show, there wasn’t enough room in the box and I couldn’t just slide the application into the rings to hold it! Each year I’d spend hours researching new planners, trying to find one that I could “live with”. 


I was tired of compromising.